Integrated Platform

When you integrate Ceriom with your EMR/EHR, you will be able to seamlessly flow between patient records, services, and billing. This means you can do away with having to log into multiple portals, remember login IDs and passwords, or copy/pasting information from one page to the next. All of this information is digital, and you shouldn’t be printing PDF documents just so you can scan them again to put them into a patient record.

Digital Billing

Following the Service Path of the patient is vital, but busy staff members can easily miss important steps in the billing and documentation process. By keeping track of all of this information digitally, you won’t accidentally miss billing for services and getting paid for the work you’ve done. And most importantly, you won’t be paying staff members to do redundant work, checking the same kinds of bills day in and day out, to make sure they are coded correctly. Save time, and make money.

Automated Wellness Care

Insurers, especially Medicare, want you to be doing everything you can to prevent illness and injury before they happen. That’s why they have created a long list of things each patient should be doing, but these lists all have their own specific triggers that you must catch and implement. Obviously, a daunting task for a busy practitioner or her staff. Ceriom’s algorithm’s monitor the results patients give to their various wellness and preventative care services, and then calculate which additional services should be added so that patient care is maximized. Staff don’t need to refer to charts or lists to see what patients should be doing. In the most efficient manner possible, these connections are made via the Ceriom algorithms, and then cross referenced with patient eligibility and insurer coverages via the secure link we have with the patient’s carriers. This kind of efficiency of services allows you to deliver the maximum number of services with the minimum number of staff people. And when those staff people are working, they aren’t reviewing paperwork or records. They are providing the services that the patients need, and automatically generating the documentation you need for billing for those services.

Practice Monitoring

Ceriom, when integrated with the EMR/EHR, provides you with unparalleled access to metrics that let you monitor all stages of patient flow. Many times, practitioners don’t know they have a problem in their practice until their revenues suddenly drop off.  By then, you could be in crisis mode trying to identify the problem, track the source, and then formulate solutions. All of which take time you don’t have, and money you aren’t receiving. There is a  better way.

With Ceriom Practice Monitoring, you can see exactly which parts of the patient process are moving along at their proper pace. When some part of your practice isn’t performing, you know instantly and can start correcting the problem, not days or weeks later, but hours. You may never even see an issue with your billing, because you’ve addressed the disruption long before it ever gets to that stage of the process.

MIPS/MACRA Reporting

The world is changing, and Medicare is becoming far more concerned with quality of care and comprehensiveness of treatment. They measure these factors using quantitative tools called MIPS and MACRA. If you aren’t reporting your activity properly, you could see as much as a 35% drop in the reimbursement rate you receive for the same services you did last year, or that your competitor across the street is getting. But because they are also making more Preventative and Wellness care elements vital to your practice management, it is absolutely imperative that you include all of the aspects of your practice management in the reporting process. Because of our integrated platform, and custom report generation capabilities, Ceriom can help you plan, execute, monitor, track, and report on all the elements that will make your MIPS and MACRA reporting as robust as possible. And this will translate into a higher reimbursement rate for you, keeping your practice in operation in the best fashion possible.