Our Products

Our integrated platform includes numerous ancillary products that help physicians practice personalized medicine with the goal of producing better patient outcomes. Ceriom’s platform is proprietary and fully compliant with current medical requirements.

Medical Compliance

Ceriom ensures that our platform is fully compliant to current medical standards and requirements.  We have integrated safeguards into our platform to ensure that we maintain compliance.  Additionally, our platform is updated as conditions change in the federal register.

Bottom line: you can be assured that every document you need to receive, every signature that needs to be provided, and every ICD-10 code that needs to be added, including letters of medical necessity, are all established using the Ceriom platform.

Strategic Partnerships

Ceriom has strategic partnerships in place with many of the best labs and developers in the country.  These partnerships make it possible for every clinic to have access to the best services available.  All of our partnered labs are CLIA and COLA compliant and use only state of the art equipment and testing procedures.  Our labs are fully accredited and licensed within the areas they serve.  We combine the most advanced twenty-first century technology with highly educated, experienced, and courteous staff.  Our priority is to partner with labs that can meet the individual needs of every patient and physician while providing unparalleled top rated service.

Contact us at Support@Ceriom.com to find out if our platform will integrate with your practice, and get you back on the path to success.


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