Comprehensive Practice Management

Complete integration of all your important practice functions

Caring for your patients is your job. Managing their care is ours.

Even before the patient walks in the door, Ceriom makes sure either care is maximized and recorded.

The best care is on your side

Maximize Patient Care

Healthcare in the 21st century is about giving your patients the best care possible. WIth more patients, you need the best software for singling out patients for custom treatment plans.

Integrate your Practice

Providing Enhanced Health Services can fit easily within the day to day operations of your current practice.

Targeted Modalities

Individual patients get individualized care plans, organized by our advanced selection algorithms and optimized by your personal Practice Consultant.

Better Outcomes

Good care begins with a proper evaluation of the patient. Ceriom uses the most advanced systems to detect and document these pathologies.

Just a few of our available services

The Ceriom Platform allows for all your services to be accessible from one easy-to-access location. Whether it’s your EHR, diagnostic testing services, Telehealth, Chronic Care Management, Principle Care Management, or Remote Patient Monitoring, your staff won’t be wasting valuable time learning multiple systems, and then where to find them when needed.

Quality patient care requires more than just a regular visit to discuss major symptoms. MedCare Monitoring keeps the information flowing between doctors and patients the entire time between appointments. But unlike standard PCM programs, we offer a customized array of products, surveys, and questionnaires specifically targeted to your medical specialty.
Principle Care Management
LiveCare+ is a fully automated Remote Patients Monitoring (RPM) platform serving both patients & health care providers. The Link+ by is disrupting the traditional remote patients monitoring market with its automated & AI RPM data aggregation technology. During the past 24 months, LiveCare has proven to reduce hospitalizations, lower the RPM cost and increase ROI to the provider.
Maintaining close contact with patients can improve and enhance their successful recovery. Our MedCare Communication Center is staffed by trained and certified medical personnel who understand your patients and their conditions. The Ceriom Communication Center is ready to assist your patients who may not be comfortable with digital devices, so they will not be left behind and their care won't be lessened as a result.
Ceriom Communication Center